Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more are all great platforms that have changed the way that we keep up with the world as we know it. These platforms are used to communicate and they are also used so we can build and maintain personal relationships with brands. This can help you if you work in field sales jobs and it can also help you if you are looking to build your own business, as a new educational start-up 'The Life Currency' found out. While friends can be a great way for you to find the emotional support you need when starting a new business, at the end of the day you will need to find professionals who have the skills you need, and if you change your perspective about the hiring process social media can really help.

To the average person, social media will probably consist of various mediums that help you to keep in touch with your family, your friends and more. When you look at these platforms you'll find that they provide you with information about your friend's day to day life. But for a business owner these networks can be so much more. For them, when used correctly, social media can provide access to seasoned experts who have dozens of skills that could prove to be very beneficial.

When building a business presence on social media it's very important that the aesthetic of your brand matches the audience you are speaking to. To see how other companies do it start with a simple search on one of the popular search engines, from there you can easily find a list of websites from companies operating in a similar space to you, and on each website you'll usually find a link to their social media pages. See how well they present themselves on those channels according, and how well it matches their brand image. Would you want to work for one of those companies?

If you're a job seeker try the reverse. Log out of all of your social media accounts, then search for your social media profile via a search engine. Once you've found the 'public' view of your profile (the one that anyone could see without being connected to you via social media), consider whether you're giving off a good impression to potential employers. Remember, if you're already connected to a brand via social media they may well see much more information than is visible on your public profile too!

The global economy really is focussed on growth and more and more companies are investing in field sales jobs. However, it is also important to ensure any growth is sustainable and there are a huge range of risks to tackle. The question of how to do achieve this was put to the experts. The result? This very insightful video by Guy Miller who is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Zurich and the Dr Angus Armstrong who is the director of the ESRC Rebuilding network. In the video, they reveal their views on why the economic risks of debt and even automation are impacting heavily on the business world as we know it. They also discuss the solutions companies are looking at to try and mitigate these risks to ensure any growth they create is truly sustainable.

You can also find out why cooperation between Governments, corporations and their customers is key to success. Understanding cooperation is highly important if you want to take a position in field sales jobs. The insight that sales teams provide is one of the many reasons why companies continue to trust information that comes in from their sales teams when they are trying to make business decisions.

At the end of the day, risks are becoming more and more common but sometimes you have to take risks in order to access rewards and that is why people continue to trust in the experts for advice.

Monday, 14 August 2017 14:16

Warm Weather Boosts UK Sales

If you work in field sales jobs then you will know more than anyone else how much the UK retail sales can rise as a result of warm weather. The quantity of goods purchased rose by over 0.6% in June when compared to May and this is much stronger that the growth that economists were expecting. The rise was driven partly by strong sales in household goods. However, a warm June seemed to spark a huge rise in the clothing sales too, where retail sales rose by over 1.5%. This compensated for the failing sales at supermarkets and other sellers of food and drink.

Last month was the warmest June since the year 1910 and sales usually do surge when the temperatures outside are warmer. So it's important to not get carried away by the figures because this rise might not be sustainable. This is why economists prefer to look at figures that happen over a period of months as this helps to smooth out any volatile movements that happen on a month to month basis. It's also why economists also keep a very close eye on factors such as wage growth as well, to help them make sense of any patterns they do see in retail sales and what they say about the economy as a whole.

The sales peak happening at the moment is the result of the warm weather and whilst it might not be sustainable, it is certainly interesting to see how far the retail clothing companies have come in one month alone. It's shocking to think that a 1.5% sales rise is simply the result of good weather and a rise in temperature!

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:30

How to Sell More to Millennials

Millennials are those who were born between the years of 1981 and 1997. There are more than 75 million of them and now they are the largest population according to various estimates from the US Census Bureau. Retailers need to do everything they can to pay attention to this group of people and they also need to consider new marketing tactics as well. This is because they differ quite a lot from the previous generation and this is especially the case when it comes to brand loyalty and even purchase decisions as well.

Mobile Experience

If you work in field sales jobs, you will find that millennials love their mobile phones and this helps to give them access to a huge range of websites. For this reason, a retailer's site needs to be optimised for mobile use and it also needs to be able to provide a great mobile and online experience. The mobile site that you have needs to be a great and solid representation of the company branding and even the image as well, with fully functioning product descriptions and reviews. You will also need to include location maps and more, so the mobile site is just as easy to use as the desktop site.

Mobile Payments

The millennials are early adopters when it comes to technology and they were one of the first to adopt the mobile payment. This includes Apple Pay, Android Pay and even Samsung Pay as well. These are all contactless methods and they give you the chance to pay rapidly and with a lot less hassle and fuss. When you take a look at the use of mobile payments and the wearable technology that it can offer, you can easily see why they have been so successful.

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:29

Closing Deals without being Salesly

If you work in field sales jobs then you will understand that the term "salesperson" has a very stereotypical stigma attached to it. You'll probably be thinking of hot shots who will do just about anything they can to succeed because it's a dog eat dog world. However, the world of sales is drastically changing and now customers and consumers have access to a huge amount of information which can often be accessed online in just a few seconds. This can lead to less than honest sales people getting caught out very quickly. However not all of the information online is truthful, in most cases it's possible to find very opposing views and on closer inspection not all sources are honest, accurate or credible.

For this reason, if you want to be a successful salesperson then you need to do everything you can to gain customers trust. People are going to be taking more time when it comes to making their decisions and they are also getting more access to information online. When considering customer interactions, the key with this is to make sure that you put quality before quantity.

It doesn't matter whether you are specialising in B2B or even B2C sales, you need to take the time to have a chat with your customers while also trying not to push them into a deal. It is probably at the back of your mind to make sure that you get the sale but you do need to look at the bigger picture because this is the best way for you to try and make sure that you are successful while also taking into account the needs of your customers and everything that they have to offer you. This is just one of the many things that you have to think about today.

Trucksmith have appointed Martin Hargreaves as their territory field sales executive for their south west field team based in Devon. This is great news for those who work in field sales jobs. The van converter has seen a double-digit growth in the past year and the role will continue to broaden the huge capabilities of their developing sales team. Hargreaves worked in the sales team at Carphone Warehouse where he ran stores in Barnstaple and Exeter. He has stated that his experience managing customer relationships is just one of the many things that will help him to do a great job in his new position.

Trucksmith have the capabilities to convert almost any van for a huge number of customer uses. This could range from vehicles suited to safely transporting heavy items in large crates or boxes, through to transporting small items in much higher quantities, and anything in-between. They also have the capability to create mobile showrooms from suitable vehicles too.

The new addition to the team will focus mainly on offering an unbeatable level of sales support to the wide range of customers that they serve. This includes the Renault, Vauxhall and the Fiat dealerships where the vehicles are currently available.

This is certainly a very exciting time for Trucksmith, who have a lot of new products available. If you want to find out more contact Trucksmith today to find out how they can help with your new van conversion, or to learn more about how they could help support the vans your sales team use on a day to day basis. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

field sales jobs

If you want to be the best at everything you do then you need to take a look at these top 7 critical skills that every sales superstar needs to have.

1. The Ability to Engage

You really do need to be able to engage your customers. Nowadays you need to chat with them to get them to open up, before you start thinking about closing the sale. Open questions are great for opening conversations!

2. Listen

Don't be so focused on talking. Let your prospect talk and listen to what they have to say before you offer a solution. That way you can ensure your solution is personalised and matched to their needs and wants.

3. Holding your Ground

A lot of salespeople believe that the customer is always right, but that's not true. Prospects don't always know what they need, even if they think they do. Show them that you're an expert, and do everything you can to show them that you know what you're talking about. When Henry Ford invented the motor car he famously said that if he'd asked his customers what they wanted they'd have simply said a faster horse.

4. Connect with Your Prospect

Prospects are now more distrusting of salespeople than ever. How do you overcome this? Learn how to connect with the people who you are trying to sell to and familiarise yourself with their world and the situation they are in. Try to use the words they use and match their energy and enthusiasm.

5. Be Able To Take Yourself out of the Situation

50% of people who you are trying to talk to won't have any interest in your product or service. If you work in field sales jobs, you'll understand this, so try to identify this quickly and then take yourself out of any situation where you don't think your product or service is a good fit.

6. Present a Case Study

Salespeople have continually been taught for well over 100 years that if you want to give a successful presentation, that all you need is plenty of facts delivered with enthusiasm and 'showmanship'. If you are relying on this, then you'll just sound like all your competitors. So, once you've taken time to understand your customers' wants and needs, share a story about someone like them for whom your product or service really worked.

7. Offer Three Option Proposals

Instead of giving your prospect just a single option, try and do everything you can to offer three solutions instead. This could be offering something within the budget of your client to offering something way above it. You'll find that people will often push their budget to get a better service.

If you work field sales jobs then you'll understand that from time to time potential customers are going to ask you for a discount. One way to combat this is to ask them, "why"? Sometimes they may tell you they can't afford the fee you're asking and are therefore hoping to get the service at a lower cost. Sometimes you may even get asked for a 'free sample' based on the promise of more custom if the service is good. (Giving away free samples without receiving something in return isn't recommended – but that's a topic for a later post).

So that brings about the question, if you are able to offer discounts, how do you do so without being seen to be simply giving to those who ask?

One great way to offer discounts without giving in is to ensure you offer them to people who don't ask. They might not even know about the various discounts you can offer, because you may only be offering them privately to those who ask, or may offer them only those select customers who are loyal enough to keep on coming back to you. Of course, it will make you feel great to offer discounts to more people, but despite it looking like you're simply giving profit away, it can engender trust and turn casual customers into loyal repeat customers. Giving personalised and unexpected gifts is also a powerful 'weapon of influence', which can encourage people to say 'yes' more readily to requests or proposals you might make in future.

The main thing you need to do is make sure that you are polite when you are talking with all of your customers and potential customers, as well as making sure that you are treating everyone fairly appropriately given the situation.
There are some customers you may feel differently about when they ask for a discount, so the best way to get around this would be for you to develop a policy or a set of rules of when you will and when you won't offer a discount, that way you don't have to feel bad or awkward when you do decide to say no.

Friday, 17 March 2017 12:18

How to get more out of Sales Training

From personal experience, I have seen countless occasions when people in sales jobs or field sales jobs are brought together in glamorous places for sales training.

Training sessions get those with sales jobs to listen to tips, techniques and strategies which will help them to get more sales. But does it always pay off? The moment the team gets back to work it seems that much of the training begins to vanish. Total corporate expenditure on training people in field sales jobs and sales jobs exceeds about 2 billion. Some companies spend more than 5 million annually training their global sales teams.

Such a massive expenditure brings up the question, how companies can optimise their Return-on-Investment (ROI) on sales training? Ongoing training happens to be the key in cultivating ideal practices and skills for field sales jobs and sales job professionals. Be it seminars or classes, seeing and hearing tend to be the integral gears of learning.

Before we state the rules for optimising ROI of sales training, the first step to is to assess the skill gaps and learning styles of the salespeople. Then, set smart training goals. The training objectives should be SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited for the sales people. SMART objectives are the starting point to ensure you have a method for calculating ROI post-training.

Customised Content:

Professionals from sales jobs and field sales jobs are sometimes not too enthusiastic about training as it drives them away from the action (selling activities). To keep the sales team interested and engaged, the training sessions should be customised to resonate with their daily selling

Using scenarios and language that they come across on daily basis assists them in seeing the connection and gaining immediate advantage. The content should also be tailored according to your business's unique needs and processes, corporate culture and high-level goals. Techniques to apply newly learned skills in the real world should be taught. This customised training content helps to remove the need to translate theories into everyday application and increases the uplift in sales performance levels.

Involvement of Top Management:

If you want your sales training to bring results, you need to create a sense of accountability from all levels of organisation - beginning from the top down. When the top management are involved in planning and delivering training sessions, this helps to create a sense of commitment to the project and a connection between the sales people and the rest of the company. This commitment level is gradually passed down through the rest of the managerial chain, which makes everyone accountable to the success of the program and ROI results of sales training sessions.

Ensure Reinforcement:

Quite often, follow up is the most neglected aspect of sales training. Reinforcement of training is often most successfully achieved through on-the-job coaching. This is the experiential application or doing part of training professionals in sales jobs and field sales jobs. Team and one-on-one coaching set at regular intervals help to build and reinforce learning incrementally over time.

Businesses also need to ensure that sales team implement what is taught by checking against the real outcomes. This helps to guarantee that new skills and techniques are not degraded to even lost entirely over time and helps to ensure that money invested in sales training generates a true, long-term return.

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